Marketing Research Seminar


1.6.2021 klo 14.00 - 16.30
Welcome to the last Marketing Research Seminar of this academic year and discover the latest marketing research conducted at Turku School of Economics!

This time we have two interesting presentations to look forward to:

Katariina Mattila: Emotional persuasion in advertising – analyzing dialectal language, visual images and their interplay in TV commercials (Monograph thesis)
The purpose of the study is to investigate emotional persuasion in advertising by analyzing the dialectal language and images, and their interplay, in television commercials. The study will propose a framework of emotionally persuasive advertising in emotionally appealing dialectal language, emotionally appealing images and the interplay of language in dialect and images. The data consists of 32 television commercials in spoken Swiss German dialect by the Swiss cooperative Migros. The data is analyzed in two phases: in the first phase, three Swiss born informants code the commercials based on a coding frame. The second phase is divided in two stages. First, a linguistic analysis is conducted and second, a semiotic analysis is performed.

Ekaterina Panina: Roles of Target Experiences in Strategic CX management (Thesis chapter)
What makes CX management strategic and what role does articulating intended experiences within the managing firm have in it? My dissertation looks into CX management practices in B2B service firms through the eyes of 40 CX managers and discovers different “jobs” intended experiences can have in strategic CX management. The “working” intended experiences are conceptualized as target experiences. This study aims at empirically based theory construction employing abductive logic and methodological recommendations of constructivist grounded theory (Charmaz, 2014; Timmermans & Tavory, 2012). The seminar presentation will focus on the method and one of the main findings of the study.

No pre-enrolment is required, just zoom in!
Sini Nordberg-Davies